Mustang is a legendary former kingdom in the north of Nepal. North of the Annapurna range and close to the border of Tibet it mirrors the southern Tibetan highlands and their culture. Mustang is a semi-autonomous county of Nepal that opened itself in 1992 for trekkers.

The trekking path allows for spectacular views of the Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, the holy place Muktinath in the South and the Tibetan plateau in the North. Following the ups and downs of the old caravan routes (at the beginning along the famous Kali Gandaki-gorge), across the central passes alongside of old trade villages, strongholds and caravansaries one follows the trails and impressive testimonies of the past of the old salt caravans between Tibet and India into the heart of the old kingdom Lo Manthang.

Lo Manthang is the central point of this trekking tour into the past of Nepal. The old capitol and trade center remains to be the place of residence of the Lopas people and the king of Mustang. Its character is Tibetan.

The permit for visiting Mustang is costly and requires the presence of a liaison officer. Therefore we recommend to travel in or with groups.

Plus: the tour is also possible in summertime during the rainy season of monsoon (July, August)

Peaks: Mustang Peaks (5074, 5209m) – easy trekking peaks

Arrival: Flight from Pokhara to Jomosom (starting point)

Duration: 22-24 days