Located in central Nepal the Manaslu is the seventh highest mountain in the world (8156m). On May 9, 1956 a Japanese expedition climbed this fascinating icy giant. In May 1974 (at that time a sensation) followed the first female (also Japanese) group and succeeded.

Starting point for tours in this area is Gorkha (1143m). The town offers a palace and a stronghold that sits like an eagles nest high up on a mountain. This stronghold is a jewel of the Nepalese architecture of the Shah dynasty and offers a breathtaking view of the Himalaya. Gorkha can be easily reached via a well constructed road or by airplane.

Tour suggestion

The circular path around Manaslu crossing the passes Rupina La (4700m, one of Nepals most beautiful passes with a terrific view) and Larkya La (5200m, the most demanding point of the tour) is a dreamlike and diversified trekking tour.

It offers apectacular panoramas, wild rivers and gorges with venturous bridges and a number of picturesque villages. Not to speak of the imposing views of the ice and glacier world of the Manaslu and the Himal Chuli (7893m).

The tour leads from a nearly tropical climate and its vegetation via valleys with rice and millet field through primary forests and the villages of Gurung to the snow covered heights of the passes.

This trekking tour crosses through on oft he most beautiful landscapes of Nepal. It also passes the Samdo Peak (5100m, easy trekking) that offers overwhelming views.

This demanding tour is a highlight even for connoisseurs that requires good condition and fitness of the participants as a number days with 8 exhausting hours need to be mastered.

Please note: For experienced alpinists it is also possible to climb Larkya Peak (6650m).