Lake Rara (Sisne-Himal, Kanjiroba-Himal)

Lake Rara, Nepal’s biggest lake is located in the western part of the country. The picturesque region around the lake most likely is the smallest national park of the mountain state.

Starting in Jumla a phantastic trek will lead across the Khali-Lagna-Pass (3545m) and the Gharchi-Lagna-Pass (3444m) through a sparsely populated area until Lake Rara and back. The tour along the Sisne-Himal allows for impressive views of the range of 6000+ meter mountains of the Kanjiroba-Himal. Watch the changes of the vegetation that reaches from flowery paths to woods and finally an alpine like mountain steppe of a Tibetan character. The diverse fauna also contributed to the decision to declare the district a national park.


  • The tour leads through an only sparsely inhabited area! => you gain tranquility and may meet only a few other trekkers. The tour is also possible during the monsoon as it has little effects on the area.
  • Optionally, the 8-day tour can be extended to a 16-day trek with tent camps over the 5100m Khapre-Pass (Chaudhabise Khola).
  • Tip: Spend 2 to 3 resting day and watch the bio-diverse fauna and flora.