Who is Himalaya Adventure?

The owner of this website has been a passionate traveler for many years. In our increasingly technology oriented and hectic world interesting and individualized traveling will provide the necessary physical and mental recreation essential for a successful professional and personal life.

I am convinced that backpacking is the only way to discover the countries and cultures of this world. However, only in a respectful and gentle way! It would be contra productive to carry our views of world and standards into foreign countries and fuel turmoil and discontent. The fact alone that we can afford such travels gives raise to amazement.

I believe that in addition to the protection of the environment, a “cultural protection” is urgently needed. To achieve this it is necessary to know and understand the life of other peoples. And traveling is the key!

Himalaya Adventure is the German/English representation of the Nepalese “Himalayan Sherpa Nepal LTD” organization and provides the contact for safe tours in Nepal, Bhutan, Mustang, Sikkim and other countries. It has been founded by Pemba Norbu Sherpa and is operated by his son Nawang Tshering Sherpa. It is your German and English speaking contact for practically all questions regarding your journey.

Himalayan Sherpa Nepal LTD has been organizing tours for decades and works together with well-known organization. However, in our case, all revenues remain in Nepal because no foreign agency will take its share out of them. Himalaya Adventure will not only provide the contact but pass on various experiences to ensure a fantastic and safe vacation.

The Concept

  • Enjoyable journeys
  • German and English speaking, experienced contact
  • Getting acquainted with the country and its people – but you determine how much of it
  • Adventure and culture from the rain forest up into icy heights
  • More affordable and individual travel – with more money remaining in the hands of the locals
  • A safe and healthy vacation
  • Fair Tourism – the choice for everybody looking for more than organized mass tourism

What Himalaya Adventure offers

  • Contact with the trekking crew
  • Decades of experience with tours meeting all customer requirements
  • Tours off side the main and well-trodden trails. However, cost effective standard tours are also available
  • Extensive and highly qualified consultation
  • Individual tours
  • Tours for individuals and groups

Who will find the Himalaya Adventure offers suitable?

Everybody with an interest for country, people nature and culture.

Payment Terms

Pemba Norbu SherpaPayment is directly to the trekking company in Nepal. Conditions will be set individually together with the trekking company in Nepal.

Please note: Himalaya Adventure is not being paid – neither by you the customer nor by the trekking company „Himalayan Sherpa Nepal LTD“. The intend of Himalaya Adventure is to make sure that all money spent on a tour REMAINS in Nepal.

(Contact: Pemba Norbu Sherpa).