The earthquake in 2014 in Nepal hit the world’s poorest. In case you would like to donate and help the people to rebuilt the widely destroyed country we recommend to follow normal ways (money and goods to organizations) to make the most out of your contribution. The reason is that the Nepalese Royal Family is taxing (!!) your help.

For many years backpackers have been regarded as the secret destroyers of cultural values because they introduce “western” ideas and beliefs to the visited countries. But even good intentions can have a destructive effect, will be perceived as “foreign” and may increase the potential for conflicts.

In the past two decades, trekking became more and more popular. This development may seem positive and should reflect an open view of the world. Unfortunately, in most cases in the Himalayas the reason for a visit is not to learn about the people living there or the attractions of the country and nature, but sporting prowess and a “my trip was harder, higher and more dangerous”-attitude.

We are invading the country and the cultural uniqueness of the people of Nepal. This means not only a loss of identity, but their believes and ideas are being stepped upon – even if it’s unwittingly done. Even worse, most of the money that is being spent for the tour will not remain in the country and better the conditions of the Nepalese, but remain in the hands of foreign travel agencies!

This initiative has a different approach!